Fx Broker Fundraising Event

A few months ago, Bite Studio London received an interesting request from a popular Fx broker based in London. The human resource department requested us to create a quote for their upcoming fundraising event, located at the most luxurious rooftop terrace in the city. The goal of this fundraising event was to help out senior citizens with their financial administration and basic pensionable salary. The Fx broker wanted to highlight the lack of financial support and care when it comes to the elderly people. Most people are relied upon family and close friends in regards to making the right financial decisions. However, not every senior citizen is blessed with a trustworthy group of people. This means that a lot of seniors are dependent on their own knowledge and financial experiences, which isn’t always the right option. The Fx broker wanted to raise money so that they will be able to offer free financial support to those who need it the most.

Bite Studio London decided to provide our photography services during this event for free, to provide a helping hand to the seniors. During the event, our team took beautiful pictures of the sparkling and luxurious location, the sophisticated interior, the fun and entertaining elements, but most importantly; the joy of the visitors. The Fx broker invited the new ambassadeurs to the event, which included a group of seniors who would represent their generation. In the meantime, Bite Studio London captured the spirit, the mood of the ambassadeurs and the atmosphere through our professional lenses. The event was a huge success and the fx broker raised enough money to help out the first group of seniors. Since this broker is operating in the financial industry, the event was a very important thing to do for the company. Their vision is to educate others about financial possibilities, whether you’re young or old. There’s no excuse not to educate the elderly about the innovations and developments of our current financial market.

After the event, our team of photographer started the editing process. To create a special feelings, we used a unique soft light filter. This tailored filter has been created by our team and is based on the particular feeling of this fundraising event. Our client was very happy with the results and posted the images on their website and social media channels. Since the event was such a big success, they are planning to organize a second event. The upcoming event will take place by the end of this year, but we can already announce that our team will be providing all the photography work during this evening. We are very excited to this next event and cannot wait to provide our services to this wonderful client.
Curious about images of the previous event? We displayed some of our most favorite images in our photography studio. Just swing by our studio and get inspired by the many beautiful images that are showcased! Besides this project, we also displayed some previous work based on fashion, commercial and architectural projects.