Forex Informatie Request For Upcoming Event

Bite Studio is known for a wide variety of photography services, ranging from wedding photos to business and corporate related shoots. Our goal is to provide companies, individuals, families and couples creative solutions based on their requests. Our service does not end here, besides photoshoots we also offer event photography with a focus on dynamic locations and gatherings. Bite Studio is here to help businesses with capturing moments of team building events, accomplishments, drinks or outdoor activities. We have the experience and knowledge to provide companies with the best event images that will make you and your team stand out against the competition. Event photography can be integrated in social media plans, human resources and reputation strategies or related business techniques. The presentation of a company and its staff is the most powerful tool to use in order to connect with online audience and potential clients. The services are not limited to the ones we mentioned on our website, we also provide custom services based on the particular assignment.

Whether a company has a corporate event, award ceremony for employees, celebrations or special meeting, Bite Studio can make this day eventful. Recently we received a request where the company Forex asked us to send some information regarding our corporate event photography. They planned a big company celebration and wanted us to shoot during this special day. Soon after the request we developed a customized quote and sended the Forex informatie to the company. Immediately they replied and gave us some details about the upcoming event. The theme of the event was Happy Feelings and the event took place in a green, beautiful garden in central London. This garden was the ultimate dream location for every photographer, so our team was really excited about getting started.

As we already predicted, the Forex event was just beyond magical. The company organized a formal event for all of their staff, including a white dress code. Every individual did their job and appeared in beautiful white outfits. The green, flowers, sun reflection and the outfits were a great match for our images and we were very pleased with the end result. This project is now one of the most amazing events we’ve ever shoot. The company Forex was also very happy with our work and immediately used it in their marketing campaigns. They wanted to provide Forex informatie for potential and new staff and integrated the images in their corporate presentation. Now the images are used for trainings, staff meetings and even a corporate commercial. Would you like to see more about this event? Bite Studio published a few images in order to give our potential clients a heads up of our latest work. You can find the images in our online portfolio, or by requesting the examples at our office.

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