With over five decades of existence, we have managed to gain experience in commercial, corporate, and event photography. Our staff and photographers have a better understanding of how to provide the best services and products to our clients. Whether you are in need of a 3D virtual tour of your commercial business or a top-quality professional executive headshot or just a simple fun photo with your guests, Bite Studio has the capability of creating solutions with much ease. We are proud to have served hundreds of clients, and we are elated in being the number one choice of many residents of London in need of assistance when it comes to either video or photography needs. The clients we have worked for are many. However, here are some of the notable clients that we have supported in realizing amazing editorials and photography:

Adidas UK
Last year, Adidas UK hired our services in helping them support two photo crews that were working at the same time on four different sets of photos. We went ahead to provide them with more than 24 flash packs in creating advertising campaign photographs for the upcoming Football World Cup. We also hosted some professional footballers in our huge studio when creating and taking photos to be used by advertisers when the World Cup begins mid this year.

Ben-Hur Movie
The new version of the epic Ben-Hur movie was filmed in Rome. Despite hundreds of photo studious around, the film production crew called us inquiring whether we can provide them with our equipment to shoot parts of the film and the actor’s portrait for purposes of advertising and posters. We are humbled in being recognized as one of the best photo studious around with the capability of providing such services.

Gucci recently carried out an advertising campaign on its jewel. The designers of the advertisement also sought for our services and went ahead to hire our Bite Studios to help them shoot their jewel advertising campaign, an exercise that we undertook efficiently. We went ahead to provide them with assistance regarding continuous light assistance on set also. The quality of the advertisement was loved by many who saw it to the extent of other firms contacting us for our services.

OK Magazine
Late last year, OK Magazine UK did call us inquiring whether we could locate for them a medieval village or any other location close to that where they could shoot the Heavy Metal singer Cooper Alice for the Halloween cover story of the magazine. Luckily enough, we easily helped them with such needs by finding them a medieval background image and easily superimposing it on the cover story by employing latest technological advancements in camera work or photography in general.

GQ Magazine UK
When a photographer known as Emmet arrived in London to take photos of Silvio Berlusconi ex-mistress for GQ UK, it was our studio that searched for a hotel where the shooting took place, provided light and other digital equipment for the whole exercise. All these equipment were vital in assisting the photographer to produce the best image that became the cover photo of GQ UK Magazine for one month.