About Us

Bite Studio is the largest and most reliable family-owned photo and video editing company in London. Even the company is today one of the largest photo studio companies in London boasting of a huge client base, such was not the case 50 years ago when our founders decided to form the company. Bites Studios began from humble beginnings. The more 2,500-square-foot studio in place today was designed inch by inch by our founders who were concentrating on mining before turning their attention to photography.

Our founders began by purchasing a new cinder block inside an old bolt factory in London. They then spent the next five months fully customizing the space they had in mind by putting in place custom gear racks that they designed and constructed all by themselves, audio-visual systems, bookshelves, wood floors, and hand-distressed cement floors. Over the years, the third generation of owners that currently own the studio has modified the studio into the modern facility that it is today. Certain things found in the studio such as music, heating, front door lock, and the blinds are remotely controlled by using latest technological trends.

Walk into Bite Studio today, and you will be surprised at how modern and improved it is. When you walk in, you will first be met by a front entrance area that contains leather seats and impressive collection of a sample of past jobs done. If you access the upstairs, you will first be met by a client lounge that has reading materials, a large comfortable sofa, a large screen, and a mini-fridge.

Today, Bite Studio can boast of a MacMini that has been successfully connected to CAT6 ethernet, an aspect that gives room for TV to be used as a form of external display that is again used as a display that instantly reviews photos being captured in the shooting arena. In other words, the client can watch as their photographs are being captured by our photographers live.

Close-by is a bar and kitchen area featuring a modern infrared cooktop, a dishwasher, an in-built cabinet refrigerator, and an industrial-strength garbage disposal. All these are things that are useful or become handy for fancy food shots. If you get access to the changing and bathroom facilities, you will find that large deep sinks and cabinets that have extra toiletries. The shooting area contains modern facilities such lighting gears, RPM hard drives, Mac Pro, custom gear rack, mirrors, light bulbs, amp circuits, hair dryers and curlers, backup systems, and primary monitors just to mention but a few.

Bite Studio is not the biggest studio that it is today by chance or luck. Our founders were passionate, hard-working, and dedicated. When they decided to go into the photography business, they were aware that to succeed, quality had to be part of the company culture. Today, Bite Studio is the biggest and most dependable photo studios in London due to the dedication of its founders and the passion of current owners to continue emphasizing on quality and customer satisfaction.