5 sites for the best casino & slot stock images

We’re proud of our portfolio here at Bite Studio London photography. We have received several requests for reusing our material under Creative Commons for use in casino and slot images. Many of them would like to pursue similar success to that of the Evolution slot.
While we appreciate the interest, we booked a paid photoshoot for the Evolution slot and are not able to release those photos. You are always welcome to book a session with us for the same high-quality images. Alternately, if you’re interested in free images, you can use any of the following five websites to source your online casino images!


This website has many incredible free stock images and videos that you can reuse. Some of our photographers have taken and uploaded pictures independently that might suit your needs. You can find all sorts of pictures, including backgrounds and close-ups.
A quick search for “casino” will bring up common related search terms, including slot machines and gambling. There are thousands of pictures available of players, top slot machines, games in casinos, and so much more. If you’re looking for in-game graphic designs, they also offer many pictures of nature and animals.


Unsplash has over 1,000,000 images to search through. They only carry free, high-resolution images, so you can be certain that the photos you discover will work in a variety of formats and sizes. There are more than 2.5k collections titled “gambling”, so you can certainly find many top casino images on this platform.
Again, there are incredible pictures and edits of nature and animals, much like the ones we created specifically for the Evolution slot development. You cannot infringe on their copyright and recreate their game. However, if our designs inspired you to add the natural concept to your casino site, there are great photos with this stock-photo platform.


For more than seven years, online gambling websites have turned to Picjumbo to source the highest quality pictures. There are entire collections and albums dedicated to a variety of themes and motifs, which can help make choosing cohesive photographs even easier.

There are 2.5 million free stock pictures on this photography website. More are added daily, which you can easily see and sort through from the home page. You can still search by their tagging system, too, to bring up gambling-specific content.


Reshot prides itself on being a non-stocky photo platform. What this means is that they only accept, upload, and share pictures that seem like they were done for a unique project. There are no rigid-faced models or staged shots.

Instead, every single picture has an editorial eye and brilliant colours. If you do want models in your picture, you can be sure that they look natural and like you just captured a candid of someone having fun while playing the Evolution slot on your website.


Burst is a unique stock-photo gallery for a few reasons. For one, it’s a part of their parent company, Shopify, which you might already have an account with. You don’t need one to download casino pictures, but it does make it easier to keep track of your searches and favourites while you compare photos.

You can also download high- or low-res pictures. If you think that sounds strange, we promise it isn’t. Low-res pictures are great for creating icons without slowing down the loading times on image-heavy pages.

Thanks for reading our top five recommendations for free casino site images! Good luck building your perfect gambling website or online slot machine. We can’t wait to see what you create.